Keynote Speakers

Speaker: Filippo Colaianni – Technical Marketing Manager – Smart City, Home & Building Automation System LAB, STMicroelectronics

Title : Wireless Communications and Sensors

Abstract: Sensing and Connectivity are the key enablers for the Internet of Things: Smart City, Smart Home, Smart Things and Industry 4.0. State-of-the-art technologies and a wide range of dedicated products will be demonstrated: Sub-Ghz (6LoWPAN, WMBUS), WiFi, Bluetooth Classic and BLE, LoRA and SigFox, Microphone, Motion and Environment Sensors, etc. combined with the building blocks of utility ecosystems.

Speaker: Angelo Zaia РSmartME (Italy).

Title: Smart cities on a shoestring budget

Abstract: How recent developments in technology, culture, philosophy, economy and industry are allowing us to be protagonists making our cities, old small towns and our villages smarter.

Speaker: Abdelouahid Lyhyaoui РFull Professor РAbdelmalek Essaadi University (Tangier).

Title: Localization Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks

Abstract: Localization and tracking are important in the field of wireless sensor networks. They had attracted significant research interest during the last three decades.
The recent advances in wireless communications and electronics has led researchers to focus on wireless sensor networks, enabling the development of low-cost, low-power and multi-functional sensors that are small in size and that communicate over short distances.
There is an incremental interest in wireless sensor network localization due to the development of techniques in sensing and wireless communication. This has given rise to various wireless sensor network applications, such as monitoring and controlling homes, cities, and the environment.
The objective of wireless sensor network localization techniques is to estimate the locations of the sensors with unknown positions in a network using the available a priori knowledge of positions of, typically, a few specific sensors in the network and inter-sensor measurements such as distance, time difference of arrival, angle of arrival and connectivity.
In this talk we present an overview of various aspects involved in the design and implementation of wireless sensor network localization systems.